Here are 3 types of insulin in diabetes therapy !

Type 1 diabetics have a pancreas that is not working properly for produces insulin. Though insulin function is critical because it processing glucose into energy. So that insulin is able to control sugar levels in the body. insulin dosage form is usually in injection under the skin, in order to be able to penetrate the layer of fat. most parts of the body injected in the thigh, arm, or in the abdominal.
type of insulin dosage
The type of insulin that is often used, for diabetic therapy is :
1.  Slow effect insulin
This is type development of suspension zinc insulin, can work for 28 until 36 hours.

2. Medium effect insulin
This type of insulin can works about 18 until 26 hours. 

3. Fast effect insulin
This insulin can reduce the sugar level faster, only takes 6 to 8 hours. the names is reguler insulin and
injected before meals in diabetic patients.

all use of the drug in the treatment of diabetes should consult with a specialist. although this time each patient can freely buy insulin injections at the pharmacy. because with the help of a Specialist, every progress will be helped with a good and avoid the risk of further complications.

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